Flagstaff AZ Elopement in Forest and Mountains

Where do I even start with these two!?? Paige and Mavryk were fun as fun gets!! Paige’s laugh echoed in the through the trees of the forest, and their happy selves even got to play in the sunshine as the sun set!!! Paige and Mavryk are high school sweethearts (okay, what!?? cutest ever!!), which allowed for the cutest prompts for these two to really just play in the trees and the mountains!!

Their day started adventuring through the most beautiful trees. Their love is bold and beautiful, and has stood tall for so so long, that these Flagstaff, Arizona trees made for the most beautiful views and quiet place to run around. I have never seen a wedding dress fit a bride as perfectly as it did on Paige!! Also - can we just take a moment for Mavryk’s tie!?? LITERALLY OBSESSED. The floral tie matched with Paige’s bright bouquet was the happiest thing ever (other than these two - because ohhhhh my gosh they just did not stop laughing!!)

After the prettiest light was coming through the trees, we knew we needed to run over to the most insane lookout point to see the mountains as the sun started to go down!

I was turned around, and next thing I knew, Paige and Mavryk were literally chasing each other around in the sunset just loving on each other!!! Mavryk ran after his girl so fast (never letting her go) that they fell to the grass and the rest was freaking history!! Absolutely adore a couple that can run around and roll around even on their wedding day!!! BEST DAY EVER.

I can’t wait until I get to see these two again and laugh loud all together!!

Boho Wedding Dress: Luv Bridal

Bright Bridal Bouquet Floral Arrangement: Mint Green Design