Starting Somewhere

Hi hi hi, friends!!

Welcome to my blog - a place for me to let you in on my client’s stories, and parts of my own. Let me just be real for a hotttt sec. I have just been staring at this screen not even sure where to start. I have had the intention of blogging for quite some time now as a way to share more of my work - start to finish. Sure, my Instagram shows the bride and groom out at golden hour, or the last photo from the engagement shoot right as the sun is setting - but moments matter. I want to tell that story. The photos of grandma’s face as you walk down the aisle are equally as a part of your story as your first kiss. The photos of your flower girls busting a move on the dance floor are equally as a part of your story as your golden hour photos. I’ve been wanting to share those stories for so long, but I never really knew where to begin! I’ve shot so many sessions of all different kinds, how would I ever catch up? Or, would I start blogging new sessions - but what about some of the sessions that were so deeply a part of my story - those ones matter too! Would I only blog photos, or would I offer up advice to brides-to-be, or other photographers and business owners?

I told myself the day I went full time with photography, I would start my blog. Well, here I am! A few weeks into being a wedding photographer full time, and still not quite sure how to get going with it.

But through all the chaos, transition, and uncertainty, here’s what I’m learning… You have to start somewhere.

If you want to be a marathon runner, you don’t wake up and go run 26.2 miles. You run 1… maybe 2. If you want to meet new people, you don’t wake up with 15 new best friends. You go to one new event… maybe 2.


The reason I fell so deeply in love with photography is because of the stories that people let me in on, the real emotion that I get to see up close, and the freaking incredible people that I get to meet along the way. It’s so humbling to be let into people’s world to capture their big moments, strong relationships, and most important day of their life. The bottom line? These stories deserve to be remembered. They deserve to be shared in. They deserve to be told.

All of that being said? I’m not really sure what this blog will look like - I’d imagine it will be full of storytelling, plenty of exclamation points, and session on session on session… but I’m not quite sure. All that I know is that I don’t need to think about how this blog needs to look, or what I want it to be. I just have to write one post… maybe 2.

I just have to start somewhere.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who is on my team supporting me - family, friends, '“friendors”, and clients, alike. It’s because of you that my “1 photoshoot… maybe 2” has turned into a full time career. One that is full of storytelling, challenges, admitting I cannot do this alone, big dreams, adventure near and far… and starting somewhere.

Talk soon!