Kauai retreat

dec. 6-9, 2019.




We’re Mersadi + Kerri!! Two full-time photographers (who met and became bffs at something juuuuust like this) who are passionate about doing what we freaking LOOOVE to do, with really cool people (like you!!), and living our very happiest lives while doing it.

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heyyyo i’m kerri!

HEY PEEPS! i’m kerri!!! a full-time wedding photographer based here in chicago. you can find me either sippin’ coffee, in the sunshine, with a camera in hand, orrrrrr all 3 at the same time!! i’ve found that building on my own life experiences + building my portfolio quite literally go hand in hand, so i’m PUMPED to meet you all over in kauai to do what we do best - TOGETHER!!!

i won’t pretend i know all the things, but what i DO know is this!!! you can do what you love and be successful doing it if you surround yourself with GOOD PEOPLE. so let’s freaking go do what we love with good people, work on a vacation + vacation on a work trip. i can already feel the salt in my hair and taste the açaí bowls - can you!?


Aloha! I’m Mersadi.

Hey, hey! I'm Mersadi - a wife, & momma to three! I constantly crave flavorful tacos, Whole Foods guac and a good sweat sesh! Running is my sweat of choice, followed by hot vinyasa.

My days are filled with sunshine and littles, I love the ocean and being outdoors. We do lots of surfing, snorkeling, and I have become quite the sand castle master. The most powerful message, that I try to remember in everything that I do, is "How you do anything is how you do everything". So let’s do this one right. Let’s travel together, and learn to make our own memories while we spend our time creating them for others.



Soooo... gimme the deets!

Who? Any female photographers who are down for a balanced life, and ready to not only build their portfolio, but build on their life experiences! Shooting in beautiful places is a DREAAAM COME TRUUUEEE, but we also know that sometimes you just want to LIVE and experience new places! Don’t worry - we do too!!

What? A photography retreat for 8 boss babe photographers who are pumped as HECK to meet new people, build their portfolio by shooting in literal DREAAAM locations, and also just LIVE A LIL and have an excuse to go to the beautiful island of Kauai. ANDDD GUESS WHAT. WE KNOW YOU WORK SO HARD TO CRAFT AN EXPERIENCE FOR OTHER PEOPLE, SO HOW ABOUT AN EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF!? We will be taking a boat tour along the Napali Coast, as well as a workshop on the cultural significance of lei making in Polynesia, while we are guided through the process of making our very own lei po'o (floral crown)!!!

What’s the investment? $995

You are responsible for your own travel. 50% non-refundable retainer due to reserve your spot, 50% due 1 month prior!!

What’s included? 3 styled elopements, 1 adventure couples session, boat tour + lei making class, 3 days of breakfast / 3 nights of dinner (we want you to feel like you can try the island’s food and taste test around the island for lunches), 3 night stay at an Airbnb, new bffs, new inspiration, and new experiences galore!!!

Where? Kauai!!!! Literally a Hawaiian dream!! We will be staying at an Airbnb all together, and traveling all around the island for shoots and adventure!!

When? Everyone will arrive at 6:00 p.m. to the Airbnb, and leave Monday by 10:00 a.m. LIH is the Kauai airport, and our airbnb is about 30 minutes from there!


Where the midnight dance parties and snacks will happen...



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