Photographer FOR the belly laughers + Happy lovers!!!


hey hi hello! i’m kerri.

I'm a Chicago photographer, but boppin’ all over the place to be wherever you are! I'm a sunset and people enthusiast, and love a good windows-down drive, no matter what the temperature. I SPEAK IN ALL CAPS A LOTTT OF THE TIME HAHAH AND ALSO BELIEVE YOU CAN NEVER USE TOO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! There really are few things I love more than my Golden Retriever pup Cody, but telling your story sure comes close!!

You'll find me capturing the big moments, but loving the in-between moments. If you’re down to have a freaaaaakingggg good time and laugh a LOT on your day - I’m your gal!

Your story really is too wonderful to not document all the milestones, relationships, and good hair days- so send me an email, and LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED.


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