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Kerri Carlquist Photography

I was born and raised in Chicago (actually, the 'burbs!) but caught the travel bug at a very young age and haven’t lost it since! When I'm not taking pictures, I'm on a run at sunset, eating Chipotle, spending time with Cody (world's best dog), or chatting on the phone with an old friend. I believe in ice cream at all times of the day, second chances (and sometimes third or fourth ones too), AND I believe in exclamation points because I think life is too exciting to have to take exclamations out of emails!!!!



"Kerri goes above and beyond with everything she does, and is an extremely talented photographer. She is not only a talented photographer, but just an overall caring and kind person who always makes anyone who is around her feel good about themselves. She radiates positivity and light."

-Rachel + Carson

Kerri Carlquist Photography

Sedona Arizona Wedding Photographer

My approach


My approach to photography is simple: let's tell your story. Yep. You heard me right. YOUR story. Let’s tell your story in a way that is so deeply real and authentic to YOU… and we’re going to have a gosh dang good time doing it!!

Are you a lover of light and love and a goooooood dance party? Do you value your person more than you care about a lil’ wind in your veil? Are you down to have FUNNN with your person (and me lol) because you’re just so happy in love? Screaming YESSSSSSS to any of this? If you’re ready to hire not just a photographer, but a day-of-best-friend (and day before and day after, too!!), and if you’re saying “heck yes I do!!!” by the ocean, city, or trees, then what the heck are you waiting for!!! Pop into my inbox! I’m SO pumped to tell your story!


My moments…

I mean hey, if I’m getting ready to tell your story than I may as well let you know some of mine! I have a pretty big team of people thanks to all the adventures this life has led me on!!! I’ve been lucky as heck to travel all over the world and call three different cities home (Chicago, STL, and Madrid.) I used to spend my summers as a camp counselor living on no sleep and dance parties, and now those kiddos are all grown up and doing such big things in this world. Three summers worth of those kids have shaped my story more than I could ever shape theirs. My fam is the best, seriously how did I luck out with a home team like them!? I was super involved with Dance Marathon in college and ended up with a lil 5 year old bestie through it!! Thankful for Dance Marathon and the miracle families for teaching me the importance of storytelling. Other favorite moments include chasing sunsets with my people, pancakes for breakfast (or lunch or dinner), October baseball on a sunny day, and blasting bad wedding music (no seriously, my friends tell me my favorite genre of music is wedding reception classics - Africa by Toto and the Cotton Eyed Joe to be specific).

Here’s part of my story, now let’s get going with yours!!!